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Why Join the APCC

  • Opportunities to meet and connect with people: “People” want to know your organization and business services, ultimately people want to “know you” and not just “about” you. Chambers of Commerce are membership driven organizations in support and promotion of your business relationships.
  • Chambers create opportunities to network with people that have similar goals and concerns in serving Avon Park and the Highlands County region.
  • As a noted member of our directory, on social media platforms and other event publications, members gain important visibility and brand strengthening.
  • Google and other popular search engines recognize Chambers as reputable sites in key word searches and SEO (search engine optimization).
  • Members are given business referrals and can sponsor events that assist them with their public relations efforts, visibility, branding and marketing efforts.
  • APCC helps to promote a business’ voice with local, regional governments and business communities.
  • As a member of your local US Chamber of Commerce you are: associated with a historical United States business organization. The Avon Park Chamber of Commerce was established in 1904 and is aligned with credibility and positive community visibility.

Statistics show that when consumers know that a small business is a member of their local chamber of commerce, they are 44% more likely to think favorably of it and 63% more likely to purchase goods or services from that company.

Together, we are the Chamber. We are ‘builders’ of the community. You create an environment for conversation and action. As an Investment Partner, your input and feedback to the Chamber will be integral in our planning to fulfill our vision and strategy for economic growth. We will provide proper recognition for your support in our community efforts as well as enlist your wisdom as part of our Educational and Leadership series. This level offers your business the opportunity to invest locally and ‘serve above self’. Your logo will be displayed at events, all promotional platforms and your organization will be recognized as a Chamber builder. Your organization would be eligible to apply for a Chamber board seat as one becomes vacant. Your organization invests in the Chamber building as a historic representation of Avon Park, preserving local history. Your organization endorses the Executive Director, working hand in hand to liaise with the City and local government to build and grow the local community.

Avon Park Chamber Membership Registration

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